Slowing down, enjoying a simple life.

I have been contemplating getting rid of social media for my entire adult life. But there is always a million reasons not to delete; the memories recorded, photos, information, connection ect. This past winter I took the first step, the biggest step. I deleted Facebook, not deactivate but deleted. It is totally gone, or as gone as anything is that was once on the internet can be. The account I had used for twelve years, tons of photos and memories deleted, but I am so glad I deleted it. Facebook was definitely my most used social media platform. I had deactivated it in the past but this was different. I was done. The drama was outrageous, every time I got on Facebook I was looking at someone’s crazy personal problems they aired all over Facebook… it is not normal to know people’s personal problems that you barley know. It is too much. And not to mention all the bad news. So much bad news, even if you unfollow all the news pages. So it is forever gone, I passed the time to undo the delete and I am happier for it.

Flash forward to the beginning of summer, I woke up one morning and randomly had a very deep rooted desire to get off all remaining social media. I had Snapchat and Instagram remaining. So that morning took a lovely photo of a flower in my garden and posted saying I was taking the summer off from social media, if you need me call me. Lots of people said they loved the idea but could never for whatever reason.

Honestly at first it was weird. We are so used to always being entertained and having something to stimulate us. I would find myself still checking my phone even though I had nothing to look at, or actually looking for the app out if habit- temporarily forgetting I had deleted them. But after a couple weeks I began really enjoying the freedom. I’m not accidentally getting sucked into my phone looking at things that do NOT matter in the slightest. Making me far more present. Far less people contact me, the convenience of quickly conversing via comments or snapchats encourages people to reach our far more than good old call or text. Less people reaching out to me may sound like a down side, but I enjoy the solitude. Being available to people and always be chatting back and forth takes alot of energy and is distracting. People that really want to talk and that I truly enjoy call me to chat, which is wonderful. Quality over quantity.

I love to read, I love for my kiddos to love being read to. While we still read before my purging of social media we are all reading far more. Instead of sitting down with a book but getting distracted by my phone going off and going down the rabbit hole of Instagram I sit and JUST read. It is like really great! So peaceful and relaxing. I find that my children are asking to be read to alot more too. Children will follow your lead… so lead well.

Being off social media has made me enjoy seeing friends and family far more. The detox from all the constant updates and drama has left me with energy to socialize. And I actually have things to talk to them about, because I have not seen their constant updates on Facebook and they have not seen mine. So they can tell me about all the fun things they have been doing and I can share with them. I am usually the person out of the loop, not update to on all the happenings of everyone’s lives. . . truly I love it. It seems like so much more of genuine interaction when I visit with people.

The children and I have been spending these warm days off social media doing lots of fun things. We are getting into the habit of once a week driving to our local coffee shop bright and early in the morning. I have a delicious latte and avocado toast, the boys split a warm “hot” chocolate with their muffins. We chat and really enjoy one another. Then I pack the boys into the stroller I keep in the back of my car and we walk to the other end of town to the library. We slowly browse the books, play with puzzles and visit with the librarian. Then we pack the stroller with the children and giant stacks of books, then stroll back to the car. Sometimes we head to my grandma’s house after for lunch and the boys have her read their library books with them. Everyone really enjoys these days!

We also got a year membership to a botanical garden. It is lovely they have hiking trails, rescued wild animals, gardens, butterfly houses and playgrounds built from natural materials. It is gorgeous! The children really enjoy this and learn something new everytime we go.

So we spend our days enjoying the local coffee shop, walking about, enjoying nature, gardening, playing, reading, baking and other creative task. It is truly blissful most days. I keep my calendar as bare as I can only agreeing to fun wholesome activities that we all enjoy. We like outdoor, peaceful activities. So we say no to the things that dont sound like fun or I know in the end, will result in two tantruming toddlers. Aside from going to church each week (which is everyone’s favorite day) we have no consistent commitments outside the home.

I am loving this slow down of life and the lack if media distractions. In the evening we may watch a fun movie, like a black and white classic or Pooh. But other wise we are playing and enjoying the summer weather. I think this is a great life and a great childhood for my children. I dont think I will go back to social media when summer is over, after the withdrawal period I do not miss it one bit.

Reducing plastic. . . Going green[er]!🌱♻️

I have always been environmentally conscious, even as a child I was always concerned about the Earth. I was a nature loving child. I was that kid rescuing every animal in need and having a one person protest when trees were being cut down. My parents had their hands full!

As an adult I have tried doing things to be more loving toward the Earth. The typical things; using reusable bag, making my own cleaners, buying zero waste laundry soap, making bees wrap, composting, raising our own meat, cloth diapers, reuable straws, no plastic bottles/cups/plates, using bar soap and reusable feminine products. I do these things because not only is it better for the Earth but also our bodies and budget.

These things I mentioned have just become part of life, we dont even think about it anymore. But recently someone mentioned to me their concern about vitamins and supplements that come in plastic bottles. At the time I sorta thought “oh boy, I don’t need another thing to worry about.” But then I was giving my kids their high quality vitamins that are packaged in a plastic bottle and could not help but google the little triangle with letters on the bottom of the bottle. This took me down a rabbit hole of nasty chemicals that are in all plastics. Some plastic is better than others… but all bad. Bad for us, and everything around us! I mean truly terrible! Why any companies are still producing it is mind boggling to me.

So I am on a mission to drastically reduce our plastic. It is going to be a serious challenge. It is all around us. . . Everything seems to come in plastic. Toothpaste, condiments, toys, take out containers and even produce often comes wrapped in plastic. It makes me crazy. We have alot of Amish and Mennonite stores around us that sell bulk but the big bags of beans, flour, ect are plastic. . . (Eye roll). So it will be tough. Somethings I plan to implement immediately are; – ALWAYS using reusable bags for shopping. – Find condiment containers that are glass, if I cannot I will try to make my own. – Shampoo and conditioner bars, rather than plastic bottles. -Bamboo toothbrushes for the whole family. – Tablet toothpaste. – Less junky, plastic toys. – Always choose glass bottle option. – Find somewhere that bottles milk in glass, cheese in wax. – As plastic containers wear out replace with glass. – I already wash and reuse ziplock bags, but I want to begin buying reusable silicone alternatives. This is only the beginning of our reduce plastic journey! I am overwhelmed and excited about starting this challenge.

Another thing we are looking into is getting solar. I have been speaking with many solar companies. Now is a great time to go solar. Before President Trump left the office he extended a tax incentive of 26% of the cost of your solar. It ends at the end of 2021. In order for us to go solar we need be able to cover all our electric usage with solar ( or almost all). In addition our solar payment needs to be comparable to our average electricity bill. I am hoping we are able to make this happen in Ohio. The people I have spoke to say yes… we will see. I have multiple consultations scheduled, fingers crossed!!!! I love the idea of being self sustainable with solar power!

We are also putting in an outdoor wood burner. So we will use it to heat the home and water. This will help reduce our propane usage drastically! Which will be so good. My husband already cuts wood regularly to keep the fields clean and maintain our woods well. So why not use it to heat our home and water?! It will save us hundreds of dollars each month.

Other thing you can do if you are not ready for drastic change is donate to companies helping fight the plastic problem. One I like is 4 Ocean. They are cleaning up our oceans and recycling the plastic they clean up to make new things. I have one of their bracelets. There are many companies doing great things you can buy from or donate to. I am really excited for our new changes coming. Hoping to be very successful, for healthier selves and Earth!

Father’s Day fun!

We had a wonderful Father’s day yesterday. My husband only worked in the morning, so he had most of the day off (a rare enjoyment!).

We had a really great, simple celebration! First thing in the morning my husband headed off to work and the kids and I got to work! The kids made him cards and a dino craft. I put his gift basket together, it was his favorite candy and a gift card to Home Depot. Then the cooking began, we made donut dough, then got to work on brunch. We made eggs, toast, sausage, coffee and juice.

My husband got home we ate brunch and he opened his gift. He was pleased! While he played with the kids I made the donuts. We ate donuts, played in the garden and rested until it was time to head to my parents house for Father’s day dinner. I had prepared food to take to my parent’s house earlier that day.

At my parent’s we had a wonderful dinner with my parents, sister, cousins, and grandparents. The kids ran, played and ate yummy foods. The day was filled with simple foods, and activities but it was wonderful. I am so grateful for time spent with family!

When God supports your plan!

Going through life can be challenging, it is so hard to know what the best decision is sometimes. During these challenging times I look to God for guidance. Every once in awhile I will hear him loud and clear, or get a very strong sign. I want to share some recent experiences I have had where God has sent me a direct sign.

So I bought a horse in November 2020. He was advertised as a very broke, beginner safe horse. He is a thoroughbred trained to race but never raced due to injury who was retrained. (Knowing what I know now about thoroughbreds and race track horses I would be more sceptical) Having two toddlers I wanted a horse I could love on, lead my kids around on and casually ride when I had time. The lady selling him brought him to the farm for me to ride. I rode him all over, through woods, near cows and near a running lawn mower. He was calm and lazy, totally unconcerned about these things. I excitedly buy him.

Fast forward to the next day, I take him out for a walk and he is a totally different horse. He is really hyper, and afraid of everything. He is rearing up, bucking and all the things you hope a horse wont do while walking him. I call the previous owner and get little help. For a few months everytime I worked with him or tried to care for him it was so stressful he would act up and be crazy. Everyone who saw him said he was going to seriously hurt me, I was being selfish for keeping him around because someone else could get hurt ect. I was getting really discouraged, my determination was dwindling but I loved him. I am also a person who believes when you take responsibility for an animal it is for life.

So the one day I was on my way to take care of him. It was a really cold, wet day so I knew I would have to wrestle him all the way from the pasture to his stall. I was nervous and not looking forward to it. I said, “God if you want me to see this through I need a sign, I am loosing faith that this is going to work”.

So I get to his pasture, he is in the field with a mare my mom had at the time. He was so buddy sour with her. Getting him away from her was always very difficult and dangerous. He would run, kick, buck and try to run back to her. All the unsavory behaviors horses can demonstrate when very upset about something.

I walk in the field and they start running and doing all the things. I am yelling for my horse, I should mention his name is Wilder. He is acting crazy. I am feeling so helpless with the situation. Then all of a sudden Wilder’s eyes calm, he stops and calmly walks to me and puts his head on my shoulder. THIS WAS MY SIGN. See it through Cheyenne.

Now things have not been all sunshine and roses since then, but with help from some trainers and lots of love and patiences Wilder is becoming quite the gentleman. I can actually safely ride him and we can take calm, enjoyable walks!!! Everyone who met him at the beginning are astonished by his progress. He is my baby. I love him dearly. God showed me a clear sign and I am so grateful, because I was really beginning to doubt my decision. I am not qualified to train a horse, but with tons of research and some help we are doing it!

Another time I was given a clear sign from God was earlier this week. My husband and I were discussing having another baby. Our boys are 2.5 and 3.5 now and we know we want more children but there are always a million reason it is not a good time. So we talked about it and decided that planning to try for a baby this winter was a good idea. My only stipulation was I wanted to loose twenty pounds before getting pregnant again. (Remaining baby weight from my youngest)

So I was planning to start being more intentional about my eating maybe doing some at home workouts. I dont have equipment but I figured I could do basic things without any.

The very next morning following my husband and I’s baby chat I get a phone call from my dad. He says, “Honey do you want a free 2,000 dollar elliptical?” I say, ” Of course!” My dad’s friend no longer had room for an almost new elliptical and asked my dad if he knew anyone who may want it.

I believe this is a sign from God that he approves of our plan! I have been really trying to not be so controlling and just have the mentality of if it is meant for me I will have it. I think this is why I have been receiving so much guidance. I am listening and willing to accept the answers I receive.

Gardening fun!

The garden is doing some really exciting things! I have been harvesting the cold hardy crops that I planted the end of March. We have enjoyed tons of fresh spinach and froze bags and bags of spinach we were unable to eat before the spinach began to bolt with the warmer weather. We will use the frozen spinach in soups, smoothies and sauces for the year!

We have been continually been harvesting beet greens, kale and lettuce for a couple months. It’s so wonderful to just walk up to the garden and get the veggies I need for dinner. It doesnt get fresher than that!!

Yesturday I harvested some carrots and discovered some of them were very woody. After some research I discovered it was probably from the heat wave last week. So I plucked all of them out of the ground. Luckily there were many that are still very yummy! The bunnies enjoyed the woody ones and the carrot tops! So everyone was happy.

I have also been harvesting beets that are ready! First I roasted some with fresh rosemary and garlic. They tasted like a mix between a carrot and a potato when roasted. My family loved them that way! I also did some pickled today. They will be ready in a week…. I am looking forward to trying them!! We have also done kale chips and lots of greens in everything!

Having this garden is such a lovely experience. Working outside in the dirt is so good for the soul, enjoying all this fresh produce is so good for the body! If you are considering growing some food… just get out there and grow something you wont regret it!!!!

Life Update!

So many changes since my last blog, it is hard to know where to begin…

Around a year and a half ago my family moved to a 1865 farm house. We tore up old carpet, painted walls and much more. We tore out way over grown flower beds and planted loads of flowers. So much work, but now things are lovely.

Since moving to our farm we have been busy sculpting the land to be what we need, we dug up a huge part of our yard for a garden. Last year we dug up the grass and plowed the dirt, then added lots of manure and mulch. I also started a compost pile right in the garden that was later plowed into the ground. It has made for an awesome garden. My garden is thriving! We have already harvested alot of the Spring crops: carrots, spinach, kale, beets and lettuce!!! I am thrilled. This is my first huge garden. The last few years I have attempted little gardens, but between moving, remodeling and having two babies thirteen months apart, they were mostly failures. This success has me addicted to growing food! 

With warm weather here there is fun and exciting work to do every day. We have bunnies to enjoy, chickens to feed, dogs to play with, cows to pet and a horse to train…. not including all the plants and children!! So many fun things coming this Summer. I am really excited to start regularly documenting it on my blog!

Some photos of our little loves!

Meal plan for the rest of the month. + Yummy Recipe!

So, I wanted to share my meal plan for the rest of March. It is pretty simple. I Also am going to share my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE chicken parm soup recipe, it is delicious!


Monday 18th- Chicken Parm Soup + Stuffed mushrooms + Salad

Tuesday 19th-  Baked Salman (with lemon, Old bay & pepper) + baked potato + Broccoli

Wednesday 20th- Shrimp Lo Mein

Thursday 21st- Sausage Burgers + Raw Veggies

Friday 22nd- Chicken Tacos

Saturday 23rd-  Ham+ Cheesy Potatoes+ Green Beans

Sunday 24th- Baked Cod+ Brown Rice+ California Veggie mix

Monday 25th- Spaghetti with ground beef and veggies

Tuesday 26th-  Vegetable soup + Corn bread

Wednesday 27th- Whole wheat Pancakes + Bacon

Thursday 28th- Hot ham & cheese + left over Vegetable soup

Friday 29th- Grilled meat (not sure what kind) + Roasted sweet potatoes + Steamed Carrots

Saturday 30th- Roast + Potatoes+ Carrots+ Celery + fancy bread

Sunday 31st- Green beans + potatoes+ Ham (left over ham)  soup

This is what I am planning for the rest of March!

Chicken Parm Soup Recipe:


1T Olive Oil

3 cloves of garlic

3T tomato Paste

1t crushed red pepper Flakes

1 (15 oz) can diced or crushed tomatoes

6c Chicken Broth

8oz dry pasta

2 cooked chicken breast (can do breaded or not breaded)

1 1/2 C shredded Mottz cheese

1C freshly Parmesan cheese

Parsley to taste

Salt & Pepper to taste


Cook onion in oil until soft. Add garlic cook one more minute. Add tomato paste and red pepper flakes. Add tomatoes & broth, bring to a simmer. Add pasta cook 8-10 minutes. Add chicken, cheese, Parsley, Salt & Pepper. Let cheese melt and serve.

This is so yummy! I hope you like it 🙂

Please comment what you think of the soup if you make it. I think the recipe is from Delish. There is probably a video on their website.



Guard Your Heart

0001Proverbs 4:23  Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

When Solomon speaks about guarding your heart in Proverbs, he is talking about your thoughts, feelings, words spoken, and people we surround ourselves with, anything that alters your heart. As importantly, things we allow ourselves to see. So in modern time this would refer to the music, movies, television shows, magazines and media we allow ourselves to watch, read or listen to. It is really important to fill our minds with wonderful, pure and joyful things.

I have been trying really hard to be very intentional about what I expose myself and my family to. I truly believe we are happier when we filter everything we take in. Our minds and hearts are not made to deal with all the negative, evil things in our world. With most things we have a choice of if we will expose ourselves to it.

If something doesn’t bring my family and I joy and fill our hearts with good things, then why be involved? One area I am thoughtful of is movies, tv and media. We watch wholesome family movies full of good news and wonderful lessons. I really enjoy watching children’s movies or wholesome romances (not like fifty shades of gray! My children can watch the romances I like haha). My husband does enjoy some ‘shoot em up movies’ after the children are sleeping, but they do not bother him, he enjoys them. As for TV I enjoy watching Call the Midwife and When Calls the Heart. They are really wonderful clean shows. They are full of old fashion values and coziness.

Maybe the most important part of this for me is the people we surround ourselves with and the activities we participate in. So if someone does not bring us joy and fill our hearts with good things I try not to be involved with them. This does not mean someone has a bad day so we never speak to them again. But just making sure that generally the people in our life are a positive addition. My favorite kind of people to be around are the people who are always encouraging me to be the version of myself possible. I would really love to find an older married couple to look up to! So find like-minded people to surround your self with! 🙂

As far as activities go I am really picky. I want everything we do to be a positive experience for everyone. I also want to gain something from these experiences and activities. For example, one activity we regularly participate in is baby time at the library. We love it! The women who leads the class is a doll! The other parents and babies are very sweet! All the babies play really well together during play time and they do some really great activities. The women who leads the class reads three books and does a few songs, then the babies play and parents chat! So fun, and we get to socialize haha. I am so picky about not doing things that do not add joy to our lives I even grocery shop in a way that brings my heart joy and peace. Walmart makes me sad, the lights give me a head ache and the quality of their products are low. So to avoid this not so fun situation I never shop there, even though it is more convenient. I shop at Amish markets bursting with fresh produce, homemade goods and locally raised meat. Then everything I cannot find at the Amish markets I get at Aldi. I really enjoy Aldi, I find some really neat things. A lot of Aldi food is really clean also!

So we have a really wonderful, fulfilling life. We have the things we have to do just like everyone else (doctors appointments, things like that). But overall, our lives are filled with lovely things that bring our hearts joy and peace. Our hearts are being filled with wonderful things. It is so important to fill our bodies with good things. So next time you dread going to an activity or visiting someone ask your self does this bring me joy? Fill my heart with good things? If not cancel! Next time you watch something and afterwards feel yucky, ask yourself is this something I should allow in my heart? If not stop, it is really simple. So Fill yourself up on wonderful things today! Guard your heart, it is so important.

Please share ways you guard your heart in the comments!




Making your house a home.

Image result for cozy farmhouse living room

Making your house a home is so important. You want to have a warm cozy place for your family to come home to. A place that is peaceful and inviting. I love having my home nice and tidy (it isn’t always), stocked with ingredients to whip up just about anything, so that I am always prepared to warmly welcome guest. There are lots of little things that go into making your house a home.

One of the most important things for me is keeping things clean. It is so stressful for me if our house is not tidy. I cannot seem to focus on anything if our home is not nice and clean (or at least cleanish). I have two babies one and under, so to have any chance of keeping things clean I have to schedule my day. Lately I have found that block scheduling my day really works well for me. I don’t follow it perfectly, but it gives me a general idea of what I should be doing. Right now this is generally what my day looks like, although I think I will be altering it a bit soon. Also I do not follow this on days when we have to leave the house.

Weekly block schedule

From the time babies wake up until 9am: Change babies, Sippy cup and bottle time, Facebook/YouTube, breakfast and coffee.

  • 9am-9:30am: Get ready
  • 9:30am-11:00am: Pick up house (daily tidy)

Monday-Sweep and mop, wipe and organize counters, clean mudroom

Tuesday- Clean kitchen

Wednesday- Sweep and mop, clean guest bathroom and children’s room

Thursday- Wipe and organize counters, clean our room and our bathroom

Friday- Clean living room, Toy room and sweep and mop

Saturday and Sunday- general pick up

  • 11:00am-12:00pm: Lunch time
  • 12:00pm-2:00pm: Play and rest
  • 2:00pm-5:00pm: food prep and start dinner
  • 5:00pm-6:30pm: Dinner and clean up
  • 6:30pm-8:00pm: night time animal chores and showers/baths
  • 8:00pm-8:30pm: get babies ready for bed
  • 8:30pm- Bed time for babies, Bible time for my husband and I

Right now this schedule is working really well for me. There are some things I would like to move around. Babies are napping a little differently and summer is coming so we will be out side a ton more.

Another way to make your house a home is to always have yummy, healthy food prepared for your family. There is nothing cozier than walking into someone’s home and smelling delicious food cooking. This doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, could just be a simple soup simmering on the stove. Or I love to make things that will last all week for snacks. I usually make a couple batches of granola bars each week and I like to make healthy muffins as well. I try to prep food so that there are always healthy easy things to grab. A really easy thing is boiled eggs!

Another way I like to make our house lovely and welcoming is to decorate. Decorating does not have to cost a lot. You can paint the walls pretty cheaply. Some stores even have an “OOPS” section of paint that wasn’t the right color someone ordered. They always have lots of fun, sometimes funky colors for lots cheaper in that section. So paint your walls fun colors. Also go to garage sales, and thrift stores for decorations I find great stuff when I do. Also when hobby lobby is having a large sale they have reasonably priced things. I also like to add rugs to our hardwood floors, they make the floor a more inviting place to play! My favorite type of decorations are plants!! I have them everywhere. I have plants all through the house, hanging in front of windows. It makes things look so lovely! Plus they help oxygenate and clean your air! Plant do not have to be expensive I find them really cheap in the fall when they are all on sale. I got this huge house plan (not sure what kind haha) that was thirty dollars on sale for $3.44 three years ago and it is doing so well. Another way to add plants to your collection is rooting plants and making more. I do this a lot with different types of ivies and spider plants.

Although having a lovely home is ALOT of work, it is so worth it! I absolutely love our home and being in our home which is good for everyone. Being home is such a lovely thing. So much bonding and good things come from being home. So make your home a place you and your family love to be, and invite other to join you!! And staying home saves money so that is always a plus!

Please comment ways you enjoy making your house a home!

Co-Sleeping/Bed sharing, the good, the bad, the ugly

So let’s talk about co-sleeping! My family has been co-sleeping and bed sharing since my oldest son was born. He is 15 months old. Now that our youngest is here we co-sleep and bed share with two babies.

So let’s break this down:

Bed sharing- Sleeping in the same bed.

Co-sleeping- Sleeping in the same room.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO BED SHARE PLEASE FOLLOW THE SAFE SEVEN. (You can find more details on La Leche website)

1.A nonsmoker
2. Sober and unimpaired
3. A breastfeeding mother and your baby is:
4. Healthy and full-term
5. On his back
6. Lightly dressed
and you both are:
7. On a safe surface (firm flat surface. Not couches or water beds)

We do both co-sleeping and bed sharing. My oldest slept in our bed all the time from birth. We had an Arms Reach Co-sleeper that he refused to use. Even in the co-sleeper I felt like he was too far away anyhow. After we found out we were pregnant with baby number two we started trying to transition Elliot into his crib, which is in our room. It’s been a long transition, he still sleeps with us most of the time. But we love all the cuddles, he will only be little for a little while so I am not complaining.

As for our youngest he loves the co-sleeper most of the time. Isaiah loves to be swaddled and in his co-sleeper. This is a blessing because I would not feel super comfortable with both babies in our bed. My oldest loves to hug his little brother, but when he does he kind of lays on him, so that would make me nervous that he would try to cuddle him in the middle of the night.

As a mama who has bed shared and co-slept for almost a year and a half I can say there are many benefits! First being the closeness. There is nothing better than cuddling your children. Bed sharing allows for so many cuddles. When your child is close to you they feel so secure and sleep better. Another benefit of the closeness is convenience. Moms who bed share sleep better. No need to get out of bed when baby is hungry just nurse them right back to sleep. If you are a mama who is not nursing maybe have all the bottle making supplies in a little caddie by your bed (although the safe seven says bed sharing babies should be breastfed). Another benefit is you are there to respond to your child right away. If your baby is burning up, coughing, whatever you will wake up and be able to tend to them immediately. If a child is in another room you may not notice these things.

While I truly enjoy bed sharing with my babies, every once in awhile I would like to go to bed and have my own space. Sometimes is sounds so nice to just sprawl out in bed and sleep alone. When I feel this way I just remind myself that these babies will only want to sleep with their mama and daddy for so long, and then I will have the rest of my life to sprawl out in bed. And I will miss these days terribly when they are over. So I soak up every cuddle.

One comment I (rudely) get alot after someone hears about our sleeping arrangement is, “I guess you wont be having anymore babies”. Not to fear, there are more rooms in your home than one and more time during the day than just night time. So you can make alone time with your husband happen. Although you may need to be a little creative you can make it work!

Over all I truly love co-sleeping/bed sharing with my babies. I could never imagine them being all the way in a another room. I would be so worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep. What if there is a fire and we cant get to them, or someone breaks in? These are scenarios that would keep me up all night. So our babies will be in our room, and our bed ,if they want, until they really want to be in their own room. My husband and I are in no rush, we will let the children lead the way with moving to their own room. For right now I will just enjoy cuddling my babies as long as they will let me.

Please comment your experiences co-sleeping and bed sharing!